Deleted Scenes

One of the main missing features from all DVD and Blu-ray sets are some deleted scenes, either fully finished or incomplete.

The following known deleted scenes have been compiled from various sources:


In the theatrical trailer, there is a short clip of police officers at the airport taking aim at an unknown target. This could be part of the Garbage Collector’s scene (see below) or a cut part of the Mangalores escaping during the shoot out.

The scene can also be found in the “Race” TV spot, and referenced on page 52/53 of The Story of The Fifth Element and Page 27 of the Japanese Theatrical Programme.

Given that the scene was filmed and good enough to appear in promotional material, it would be nice to see a completed version on a future home video release.

Garbage Collectors

When Cornelius and Leeloo first arrive at the airport, we would have been introduced to a group of creatures standing on the heap of garbage. The creatures work as garbage collectors but would have been shown on strike, therefore explaining the large pile of garbage. There is a small hint to this in the finished film with the check in lady apologising for the mess.

Part of the scene would have a security guard pick up a phone off the wall and report the illegal gathering.

When Korban arrives, a police patrol approaching the strikers would have knocked past him. As the police neared the strikers, they would have dived into the garbage to hide.

Later, as the Mangalores, disguised as Korben’s neighbour and girlfriend, arrive they are almost knocked over by the police patrol’s 500 pound pig which dives into the garbage after the strikers.

Behind the scenes footage of this scene is shown on the The Alien Element: Strikers featurette included on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases.

Extract from The Story of The Fifth Element book
Footage from The Alien Element: Strikers featurette

Arrival at Temple

After landing in the desert, Korben carries Leeloo from the ship, whilst Cornelius embraces David.

The scene consists of Cornelius exploring the sand dune looking for the entrance to the temple. Filming took place both on location in Mauritania with Ian Holm and then on stage in Pinewood. Eventually, about a week before locking down the final edit of the film, the scene was cut due to pacing issues.

An image of this scene was included in the Starburst pull-out feature of the film, and The Story of The Fifth Element.

Extract from Starbust Magazine


The ending scene of the film was slightly different in early drafts of the script. After the President hands the phone with Korben’s Mother to one of his aids, instead of cutting to Korben and Leeloo in the reactor, the camera would have panned over Manhattan revealing two silver moons in the sky.

This scene is described in the novel.

It isn’t known if this was ever filmed or storyboarded. It is likely to have been replaced by the Korben & Leeloo scene early on during pre-production.