Just like the excessive trailers, TV spots and social media posts for film releases of today, there were a few trailers for The Fifth Element; a couple of teaser trailers and a theatrical trailer.

Teaser Trailer A: It Mu5t be Found

This first teaser, released in late 1996 for North American audiences, was the definition of a teaser trailer. Absolutely nothing is revealed about the film, except the title and release date.

The “It Mu5t be Found” title, which was also used on the first poster, is slowly revealed over the course of a minute, before fading, leaving only the “5”, which slowly catches alight, before spiralling into the distance and exploding into the five pillar The Fifth Element logo.

This is incorrectly labelled as a TV Spot on the Pathe UK DVDs and Blu-rays.

Length: 1m 14s

Teaser Trailer B

Building upon the first teaser, this ever-so-slightly less cryptic trailer starts out by revealing Bruce Willis is starting and is a film by Luc Besson, before slowly revealing the numbers 1 to 4 as the following elements:

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Air

“This Summer there is a 5th” appears word by word, before the words suddenly slide off screen, the “5” flies towards the viewer and once again an explosion reveals the five pillar The Fifth Element logo.

Finally “Coming this 5ummer” appears word by word.

Length: 1m 20s

Theatrical Trailer

The Theatrical Trailer is probably the best remember piece of promotional media. The trailer was notable by continuing the theme from the previous teasers of not giving any plot away with a complete lack of dialogue from the film or any trailer narration.

The trailer does contain a few differences from the finish film.

There is part of the airport scene featuring the police firing on unknown assailants which was eventually removed, and when Leeloo jumps off the building, her clothes have been modified in the trailer, probably to allow for the trailer to be shown during more child friendly films.

There are slight differences between regions. The footage across the entire trailer is the same but the order and timing varies, and the content of the text overlay was completely different. The North American trailer used an official font and focused on the mystery of the story, whilst the UK trailer used plain bold text to hype up the main stars and director.

North America

From Columbia Pictures
250 Years
In The Future
All Will Be Lost
Unless The Fifth Element
Is Found

Ends with “The Fifth Element” and a large “5” logo in the background, following by the film credits.


A Film by Luc Besson
Bruce Willis
Gary Oldman

Ends with the five pillar “The Fifth Element” logo, followed by the film credits and then “Coming this 5ummer”.

Length: 1m 35s

A copy of the North American Theatrical Trailer. I’m looking to get an HD scan, so if anyone can help please get in contact.